21 April 2020


Networking and Registration


Chair’s opening remarks


Economic Overview Presentation

Discussing the Future of SMEs In and Out of England in 2020

  • Where do we go from here? - Discussing the bounce-back after Brexit and mitigating currency risks
  • Considering threats and opportunities in the political landscape for your business
  • The ins and outs of expanding into new markets in 2020 – from first contact to maintaining successful overseas and continental operations


Panel Discussion

Finding the Right Fit - Navigating Funding Options and Financial Risks

  • From bank loans and ABL to venture capital and private equity - Finding the right funding option for your business
  • Presenting your company as a must-see opportunity to potential investors
  • Collaborating internally with your CEO and leadership team to ensure a smooth transition and productive distribution of capital injections
  • Dealing with the risks of access to capital markets drying up – Preparing to manage in the current climate?

Networking and Coffee Break



An Antidote to Heavy Numbers – Becoming the Modern CFO

  • Looking at the evolution of the CFO role in the past decade
  • Bringing your “whole human” to work – leveraging personality and interests to excel as a team leader
  • Increasing involvement in strategic decision-making and claiming your “seat at the table”

Expert Presentation

Growing Your Business Through Digital Transformation

  • Embracing change and identifying where to start
  • The role of finance and internal collaboration
  • Challenges of scaling, staying efficient and keeping costs inline
  • Measuring the impact of digital transformation on your business processes


  • Financial Reporting
  • Mitigating credit insurance risks in an uncertain climate
  • Cyber Security
  • Working with PE/VC investors
  • GDPR and data gathering
  • Going public – Navigating IPOs
  • Top Tips for Scaling-Up




Investor Discussion

Understanding Private Equity and Venture Capital Perspectives on Investing in SMEs

  • Understanding what investors are looking for in companies and leadership teams when considering new investment and after the deal is done
  • Silent partners or controlling force – understanding the role of Private Equity and Venture Capital within the company structure
  • Working with investors post-transaction, to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship


Case Study Presentation

The Role of the CFO in Planning for and Maximising Value on Exit

  • Planning for exit from the start to deliver the right model to outperform upon exit
  • Considering the crucial role of the CFO in valuation and deliverability of the transaction
  • Evidencing and articulating your company’s growth story during the exit process
  • Managing your time and prioritising to deal with the pressures of the exit process



Onwards and Upwards – Tracking the Journey from CFO to CEO

  • Planning your career trajectory and preparing early to make the jump successfully
  • Rethinking priorities in a new leadership role
  • Navigating team-relationship restructuring after your transition


Networking and Coffee Break


Panel Discussion

Team Leadership and Talent Acquisition for Today’s Finance Function

  • Navigating a diverse talent pool – from graduate schemes and apprenticeships to sourcing top of the
  • line senior team-members
  • Addressing gender and generational diversity within the finance function and finding the most
  • productive way for diverse teams to collaborate
  • Discussing staff remuneration and competing with other employers in a busy market


Panel Discussion

Integrating Innovative Tech Solutions into the Finance Function for a Competitive Edge

  • Finding the right solution providers for your needs in an oversaturated market
  • Sourcing capital to invest in value-enhancing tech solutions – from in-house development to expert outsourcing
  • Finding the most productive and risk-free ways to gather and utilise data, drive forward business operations and maximise productivity
  • Integrating tech-enabled solutions into the day-to-day and addressing reluctance from within the team


Expert Presentation

Know your Enemy – Hear the Latest in Cyber Security Developments and Keep Your Company Safe

  • How has the landscape of cybersecurity threats changed in the past years?
  • Identifying the risks SMEs face from cybersecurity breaches and how to mitigate them
  • Lessons learned from high-profile breaches in the past decade


Chair’s Closing Remarks


​End of Conference and Drinks Reception

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