2020 Agenda


Panel Discussion

How to Survive the Pandemic by Getting Tech to do all the Hard Work

  • Analysing tech that enables team communication and business growth in a remote working environment
  • Understanding the way customers are now receiving information, and ensuring your data tech is up to speed
  • How forecasting with tech can monitor and measure the impact of change on your business leading to better business decisions
  • Integrating tech enabled solutions into the day-to-day to engage teams working remotely
  • Preparing technology use as part of crisis management and adoption of video platforms
  • How has the landscape of cyber security threats changed over the past 6 months

Chair: Raymond Jack, Executive Director, ACCA Global

Tom Coward, Chief Financial Officer, Cytora

Tony McClelland, Chief Information Officer, ACCA Global


Fireside Chat

Getting Involved - Looking Beyond the Numbers

  • Increasing involvement in strategic decision-making and claiming your “seat at the table”
  • Finding problems early by working and communicating with the wider business
  • Bringing your “whole human” to work – leveraging personality and interests to excel as a team leader

Interviewer: Rachel Bridge, Editor, Growing Business Intelligence

Adrian Talbot, Global Chief Financial Officer, Hotwire


Expert Presentation

Scaling Finance Processes Through Digital Transformation

  • Embracing change and identifying where to start
  • The role of finance and internal collaboration
  • Challenges of scaling, staying efficient and keeping costs inline
  • Measuring the impact of digital transformation on your business processes

Cassie Petrie, Senior Director, SAP Concur


Panel Discussion

Hiring the Best Talent and Building a Great Team

  • Navigating a diverse talent pool – from graduate schemes and apprenticeships to sourcing top of the line senior team-members
  • Addressing gender and generational diversity within the finance function and finding the most productive way for diverse teams to collaborate
  • Discussing staff remuneration and competing with other employers in a busy market
  • Ensuring employee engagement and well-being in a changed environment
  • Understanding how to monitor systems to keep the team on track remotely

Chair: Raymond Jack, Executive Director, ACCA Global

Edward Knighton, Chief Financial Officer, YO!Sushi

Simon Gretton, Finance Director, KBE Drinks

Nicola Haigh, Mid Corporates Regional Director, London & South East, Lloyds Bank

Sophia Meadows, Finance Director, Bloom & Wild


Investor Discussion

Understanding Private Equity and Venture Capital Perspectives on Investing in SMEs

  • Understanding what investors are looking for in companies and leadership teams when considering new investment and after the deal is done
  • Engage with investment companies to discuss finance and taking into consideration the shift in time-lines over past few months
  • Silent partners or controlling force – understanding the role of Private Equity and Venture Capital within the company structure
  • Working with investors post-transaction, to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship

Andy Gregory, Head of Investments UK and Ireland, BGF


In Conversation

The Role of CFOs in Driving Value

  • Driving increased transparency throughout the business for improved decision making
  • Helping set strategic focus through forward looking insight both internal and external to the business
  • Providing challenge across the business, driving change and supporting a growth mind set
  • Managing risk through constructive paranoia, focusing on solutions and encouraging open conversations
  • Learning from other businesses

Rob Morgan, Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer, Vistair

Michael Loizou, Partner, Ridgeway Capital


Case Study

The Role of the CFO in Planning for and Maximising Value on Exit

  • Planning for exit from the start to deliver the right model to outperform upon exit
  • Considering the crucial role of the CFO in valuation and deliverability of the transaction
  • Evidencing and articulating your company’s growth story during the exit process
  • Managing your time and prioritising to deal with the pressures of the exit process

Chair: Raymond Jack, Executive Director, ACCA Global

Juliet Sturridge, Head of Finance, Matthews & Goodman

Tom Lewis, Interim Group Financial Consultant, Pharmaspectra

Rupert Levy, Chief Financial Officer, AgriBriefing



Tracking the Journey from CFO to CEO

  • Planning your career trajectory and preparing early to make the jump successfully
  • Rethinking priorities in a new leadership role
  • Navigating team-relationship restructuring after your transition

Interviewer: Raymond Jack, Executive Director, ACCA Global

Will Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, Lovespace


Panel Discussion

Finding the Right Fit - Navigating Funding Options and Financial Risks

  • Understanding funding options that have become available in the last 3 months
  • From bank loans and ABL to venture capital and private equity - What is the right fit now?
  • Presenting your company as a must-see opportunity to potential investors
  • Collaborating internally with your CEO and leadership team to ensure a smooth transition and productive distribution of capital injections
  • Managing in the current climate and understanding funding options that are now available

Chair: Raymond Jack, Executive Director, ACCA Global

Ricardo Laverty, Chief Financial Officer, Chemist4U

Anthony Reed, Mid Corporates Regional Director, South West, Lloyds Bank

David Tilston, Audit Committee Chairman, SDI Group


9.00 Top Tips for Scaling-Up

David Atkinson, Regional Director, SME East England & UK Head of Manufacturing, Lloyds Bank

Sonia-Kristina Sprules, Chief Financial Officer, Snag tights

10.50 Digitising your AP process to help you scale

12.15 Working with PE/VC investors

David Bateman, CFO, Medina Dairy

Rupert Levy, Chief Financial Officer, AgriBriefing

15.05 Expense Management – how the challenge changes with scale

David Smyth, CFO, Roomex

Amith Premkumar, Head of Finance, KFP Total IT Solutions

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